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S.C.I.L.Expert and S.C.I.L.Masters were trained by the licensor or an authorized S.C.I.L.Instructor.

They use the S.C.I.L.Diagnostics actively and convey the contents of S.C.I.L.Strategy in own coaching, training and consulting processes.

People with a strong profile in this area are sensitive, empathic and attentive. They gain others through consideration, dedication and confidence. So they create an atmosphere of well-being through sympathy and trust.
These people act primarily through their appearance, their ability to represent and their externally visible personal staging. They are able to speak with the whole body and effectively express their intentions without many words.
People with a strong profile in this area appear prepared, considered and deliberate. They convince through thoroughness, clarity, logical structures and traceability as well as the ability to advance topics on the content level.
People with a high level of expertise in this field of competence appear verbose, verbal and expressive. They appeal to others through their art of formulation, the pictoriality of their language, their vocal sound and their virtuoso handling of everything literal.

As of June 2018, the S.C.I.L. Masters in particular who have successfully participated in the quality assurance training measures initiated by the licensor in 2017, will receive an appropriate seal of approval.

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