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Products of the S.C.I.L.Strategy

Which tools does the S.C.I.L.Strategy offer you to develop your personal effectiveness?

People with a strong profile in this area are sensitive, empathic and attentive. They gain others through consideration, dedication and confidence. So they create an atmosphere of well-being through sympathy and trust.
These people act primarily through their appearance, their ability to represent and their externally visible personal staging. They are able to speak with the whole body and effectively express their intentions without many words.
People with a strong profile in this area appear prepared, considered and deliberate. They convince through thoroughness, clarity, logical structures and traceability as well as the ability to advance topics on the content level.
People with a high level of expertise in this field of competence appear verbose, verbal and expressive. They appeal to others through their art of formulation, the pictoriality of their language, their vocal sound and their virtuoso handling of everything literal.


A test with 100 items is the foundation for your personal S.C.I.L.profile. If you already have an access code just enter it in the login form on the upper right hand corner. Otherwise you may purchse an access code at one a S.C.I.L.partner

S.C.I.L.Live coaching and training

Trained S.C.I.L.Experts and Master coach or train you, and support you, to reflect on your personal visibility and effectiveness and to optimise your interaction competencies. Alone in a coaching or in a training together with others.

S.C.I.L.Video coaching

There are 16 video coaching modules that depict all the relevant subjects for your visibility and effectiveness. Based on your personal profile you can build your strengths and optimise your development areas with these videos’.

Codes for the 16 video coaching modules can be purchased from certified S.C.I.L.Masters and S.C.I.L.Instructors. These coaching programs are an ideal addition to live coaching and trainings and to increase ones knowledge long term.

Accreditation to S.C.I.L.Partner

Become an accredited S.C.I.L.specialist and coach and train your clients on the basis of the S.C.I.L.Analysis. Three different training levels are available:

Qualification for S.C.I.L.Expert

Certification for S.C.I.L.Master

Authorization for S.C.I.L.Instructor